Quality Policy

OMIKRON S.A. is a consultancy company providing services to public law bodies, private law bodies and companies active in the fields of “Implementation of studies and provision of services relevant to natural, urban & periurban environment – landscape development – technical structures – Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and applications of photogrammetry – cadastre – databases – software development & IT applications – forest fire management”.

The operational core of OMIKRON S.A. is the commitment to the gratification of every client’s expectation. The latter dictates the following principles:

  • formulation and implementation – through the valorization of the most appropriate funding instruments and the use of all the necessary processes – of projects covering in an integrated manner the clients’ needs and which create trust relations with them and favorable conditions for future collaborations
  • work group recruitment with personnel and associates of specialized expertise and long experience covering the entire spectrum of the company’s needs and
  • utilization of the appropriate equipment and scientific tools to ensure the optimal valorization of the work group skills and the production of high quality results

The commitment of OMIKRON S.A. to the requirements of the implemented studies and the offered services concerning quality, is assured by:

  • the requirements deriving from the Documents in Contract as well as the vision and the guidlines of the employer – client, the timetable and the budget of each project
  • the national and EU regulations on the implementation, information and publicity of co-funded projects
  • the standards of science, professional ethics, good practises and legislative – regulative requirements
  • the selection of personnel and associates with proven scientific qualifications and established professional experience
  • the training of each member of the work group on the company’s Quality Policy and its objectives
  • the establishment and monitoring of targets and specific performance indicators
  • the application and frequent improvement of a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015.

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