OMIKRON S.A. is a company implementing studies and providing services in the fields of natural, urban and periurban environment, landscape development, technical structures, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), applications of photogrammetry, cadastre and databases, software development and IT applications and forest fire management applications. In this context the company designed and developed the following applications:

  • An Innovative Approach of Integrated Wild land Fire Management Regulating the Wildfire Problem by the Wise Use of Fire: Solving the Fire Paradox. Assignment Authority: Commission of the European Communities / Research Directorate – General
  • Construction study of an ecotouristic camping (Eco Camping) at Paliouri, Chalkidiki. Assignment Authority: Tourism Development Agency SA
  • Design of a prototype experimental algae cultivation with uses in the pharmaceutical industry and the biolgical agricultural sector. Assignment Authority: Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food/ Fishing Operational Programme
  • Support and design services of the education and training programme of Civil Protection groups dealing with forest fire management in the Municipality of Thermi, with the acronym OUTLAND. Assignment Authority: Municipality of Thermi, Prefecture of Thessaloniki
  • Development of natural or hybrid models for the estimation of the forest fire ignition and spreading potential in the framework of FIRESENSE project. Assignment Authority: Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas
  • Standardization and management of forest vegetation as burning fuel and population in cases of forest forest with the aid of multicriteria models and software. Assignment Authority: Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas
  • A pilot system for the development and delivery of daily wave and circulation forecasts for public and emergency use in the Thermaikos Gulf, with acronym “WaveForUs” (Wave Climate and Coastal Circulation Forecasts for Public Use), Assignment Authority: Special Service for the Management and Implementation of Actions
    in the fields of Research, Technological Development and Innovation
  • «Developemnt of management and decision support tools for the protection of economic and societal activities infrastructures for forest fire danger in Balkan countries and Turkey» with the acronym “FireWatch”, in the framework of the NSRF 2007-2013 Programme “Openness and Competitiveness of Businesses II”
  • “FIRE HAZARD MAPPER”: This software can produce fire hazard maps, on a daily basis, by combining “static” structural (fuel models, topography, etc) and “dynamic” factors (air temperature, relative humidity, fuel moisture content, etc.). It contributes to enhance the assessment of the wild-land fire risk.
  • “PRESCRIBED BURNING MAPPER”: Software aiming to enhance existing operational level of prescribed burning operations and to assist in decision-making concerning relevant actions and in order to decrease the level of fire risk. The main functionalities based upon multiple built-in criteria succeed in:
    1. integrating geographic and environmental data relevant to PB,
    2. recording PB actions and their impacts,
    3. identifying and mapping PB possible locations,
    4. producing maps.

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