OMIKRON S.A. is a company implementing studies and providing services in the fields of protection, management and promotion of the natural and the human environment through integrated approaches and new technology applications. Specifically, the company specializes in the following topics:



Development of GIS and photogrammetry applications.

Development of databases and multimedia systems.

Development of new technology applications and software production.

Implementation of land registry and national cadastre.

Development of analytical account databases.

Implementation of risk management studies.

Surveying and mapping of the Unified Payment Applications for the Greek agriculturist associations.


Programming, study and supervision of projects dealing with protection and promotion of the natural environment.

Specialized environmental studies and management plans.

Environmental impact assessment studies.

Visitor management – traffic studies in cases of protected areas.

Soil and water resources management studies.

Awareness raising and environmental education/ training infrastructure studies.

Forest ecosystem management and development studies.

Wildlife management studies.

Natural environment restoration and monitoring studies.

Agro-environmental actions design and implementation studies.


Alternative tourism programs and studies implementation.

Risk management (mostly forest fires) programs and studies implementation.

Experimental cultivation of macroalgae for use in pharmaceutical and biological agriculture.



Implementation of studies, technical expertise, research and management of projects dealing with rural development.

Local Development Programs/ General Urban Plans/ Open City Spatial Plans and Housing Planning.

Integrated studies of rural development.

Alternative tourism studies.


Consultancy services for individuals and legal bodies (private and public sectors) concerning forest and environmental projects.

Project administration and management services.

Support services within environmental projects and programs.

Assessment services concerning development programs.

Consultancy services, actions and works for the support of agricultural associations.


Implementation and supervision of land restoration studies.

Forest ecosystem protection and restoration studies.

Forestry road opening and improving studies.

Forestry recreation studies.

Hydraulic projects and waterworks studies.

Built environment protection and promotion studies.

Landscaping design and land restoration studies.

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