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Participation of Stergios Diamantopoulos in the informative event "Forest Map Postings in Thessaloniki"

Participation of Stergios Diamantopoulos, Forestry AUTH, shareholder of OMIKRON SA at the informative event - seminar on "Forest Map Postings in Thessaloniki" organized by TEE / TKM and GEOTEE-KM Branch and the Thessaloniki Bar Association.

The aim of the event was to inform engineers, legal and forestry experts, given the importance of forest maps in spatial planning, protection of the natural environment and private interest. The event was held on Monday, February 6, 2017 at the TEE / TKM Amphitheater with great success. During the course of the event, informative issues related to cadastral linking with forest maps, clarifications on the postings, as well as legal issues regarding the status of objections, etc. were presented.

One of the speakers was Mr. Diamantopoulos (Executive of Omikron SA) as a representative of GEOTEE.
Speakers: S. Diamantopoulos, G. Kakanis, G. Choromidis, M. Vogiatzis and A. Arvanididis

It should be noted that the forest map posting began on Friday, January 13, covering 33 regions of the country, covering a total of 46.8 million acres.