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Our team AlongRoute is one of the 5 WINNING teams of the DigiCirc BlueEconomy Accelerator program!

? Celebrate with us!
We are very excited to announce that our team #AlongRoute? is one of the 5 WINNERS? DigiCirc program groups #BlueEconomy Accelerator!
- Yolanda Kalantzi, ο Kostas Karystinakis and Theodora Theodoridou from Omikron Environmental Consultants SA and Eduardo Pena Vina from Alisio Computing GmbH is the amazing team behind this achievement!
The #AlongRoute is a pilot system for providing high-precision marine forecasts using intelligent artificial intelligence models for use in shipping, with the aim of making it greener, safer and more efficient.
Congratulations! Your hard work paid off!
Here’s to more achievements?