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An innovative crisis management solution for countryside fires:

  • With the outbreak of wildfires
  • On time response
  • Strengthening the resilience of tourism and cultural infrastructures of importance.
Eφαρμογή Ofire+
Όμικρον ΑΕ και Δήμος Θέρμης

The operation of the OFire+ system has started in the municipality of Thermi, Thessaloniki

A few days ago,with the start of the firefighting season 2020, the operation of the Ofire+ system started,which contributes to the early warning of wildfires. This is the continuation of the pilot operation of the Ofire+ system and the accompanying mobile application that was presented in the summer of 2019, in the context of the partnership between the municipality of Thermi and Omicron SA.

Download the app for Android
Λήψη εφαρμογής Ofire+
Download the app for Android
Λήψη εφαρμογής Ofire+

How it functions

Ofire + is a human-oriented decision-making system for managing (prevention, early warning-response and information) crises related to the occurrence of wildfires.

The key components of the system are the administration application (cloud) and the mobile application (mobile app). The two parts are complementary and the communication channel they create through their connectivity remains the critical advantage of the system, beyond the individual functions and information provided by each part separately.

Primordial goal of the system considered to be the protection of life, property and fortune before or during crises associated with rural fires.

This is achieved through:

Information on a local level to carry out preventive actions during the dangerous days of the year to increase both the levels of direct and indirect protection.
In order to ameliorate the proper management of response time in the event of a threat posed from a rural fire
Timely and reliable, targeted and personalized communication and guidance to users, wherever and whenever required, during the course of a fire incident.
Εφαρμογή Ofire+ Public Thermis
Screenshots of the Ofire+ Public Thermis App.

The value of the system is that it converts information into knowledge, thus supporting efficient action. In particular, it provides all the necessary instruments to an administrator to coordinate and maintain control in the event of a crisis and thus strengthening the civilians' sentiment of security.

The admin application is addressed to the director and / or security manager of tourist (hotels, camps) and / or cultural (museums, archaeological sites) and / or habitats (NATURA sites) and / or industrial infrastructures (industrial areas, primary sector sections with high agricultural activities). In addition to that ,also in places, where people gather as residents, visitors or employees near or within forests (ie private schools).

At a higher institutional level, the admin application can be used by the Civil Protection departments of the local authorities such as the municipalities and / or regions of the country. Due to institutional responsibilities and roles (Municipalities, Districts, PAs, volunteers, etc.), the system configuration ensures its smooth operation.

The user application is intended both for staff of the local authorities and for residents of the various municipalities, or to their visitors as well as to visitors to various tourist, cultural or other infrastructures as described above, which support the Ofire + system (assumed they already have an administrator application).

Additionally, the user application can be used autonomously (without an administrator). In this case, the user does not have access to the information from the administrator but can activate an information service (regarding the weather conditions, FWI indicator and nearby fire starting points) for certain parts of the chosen area. That is to say, he transforms into a 'mini-manager' of his personal property.

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