The Service

Sealoc is a standard system for providing marine features forecasts and other support services at high local resolution.

How it functions

The SeaLoc system functions as a platform of interconnection of the needs of marine users through using marine forecasting or observation products, in the form of custom services. It consists of an online platform containing geographical content that freely notifies the civilians about the conditions that already exist or shall prevail in the Mediterranean Sea and especially in the Greek seas. The system provides information that is either retrieved, processed and made accessible through the European Copernicus Marine database or generated in-house by the operational function of numerical forecasting models (meteorological and waveforms). Predictive information that is accessible unhidered includes physical parameters such as surface ripple, wind, sea currents, surface temperature and possible bottom temperature, but also other physicochemical parameters such as dissolved oxygen, nitrates, biomass, and more. At the same time, the SeaLoc system is designed to provide custom solutions in the form of data as a service (Data as a Service, DaaS) through appropriate APIs to subscribers.

The identified user groups are the following:


General public, regardless of age, who want to be enlightened about the marine conditions and weather at their chosen location to plan their maritime and / or coastal excursions through an open, mobile-friendly online platform

Special interest users, who through customized access to user-friendly and mobile web-based interface, wish to receive specific information and data on their maritime and coastal activities. This group includes, among others, swimmers, coastal campers, boat owners, water sports athletes, amateur fishermen, recreational divers, coastal property owners etc.

Professionals running facilities and operating their businesses in the marine and coastal area. Most of them running a boat rental business, water sports, diving schools, aquaculture, fishermen, renewable energy plants, etc .. Motivation for these companies is to maximize the quality of the supplied product by using to their advantage the information accessible from SeaLoc system (tailor-made / custom services) to attain their purposes.

Bodies/Agencies operating in the field of yachting such as boat rental companies, fleet management companies, logistics and shipping companies, optimal routing service companies etc.

Internet platforms that deal with marine and coastal activities, such as weather forecasting platforms, water sports, yachting, tourism, etc.

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