The big thorns waiting for solutions on the road for definitive forest maps - By Stergios Diamantopoulos, AUTH Forester

The process of preparing, posting and ratifying forest maps for the whole time is evolving on all fronts at this time. The state insists and is doing well to complete it, along with the cadastre of one of the biggest reforms that has been in the drawers and words for over 50 years.

This road is difficult and with many hot fronts to be solved, and it is all created by tolerance if not by the tacit urge of the state by the state and after all.

But this process in a favored state must in principle respect and uphold the regularity, equity, and protection of the public interest.

It also has to take on its responsibilities over time, just as citizens do on their own. In this context, the Forest Maps have so far highlighted at least one plethora of problems that we all knew about and that we were in a relationship with.

The biggest, complex and complex issues that have emerged and await solutions are,

1. Those dealing with the illegal construction of forests and land or with unapproved settlements.

2. Those concerned with the clearing of forests and forests for agricultural use.

3. Those dealing with areas that were once agricultural and are today afforested due to resignation.

4.With the form of land presented or not presented as Landscape on forest maps

5.With the absence of 'strong' private ownership contracts and use of forest or grassland land on the forest map

6. By applying the non-presumption in favor of the State which in some areas exists and in some it is assumed not to exist.

But I want to stay today on the first issue that is perhaps the biggest and most serious, because it concerns a very large part of our society.

The state has instituted various provisions, circulars and tools to address these issues.

The first and most grandiose is that of Residential Concentrations, a Greek patent for '' putative settlements '' that have been illegally constructed within forests and forests. The CoE, with its recent plenary decision, put things in their correct constitutional dimension, ie it decided in simple terms that a forest or forest area cannot be used for building purposes.

It is obvious that this measure of the state was of the foot we say without any serious documentation and without knowing the size, quality and location of the problem.

This is why you will see that many Municipalities have declared as residential condensation built areas that were NEVER forested. See pictures from Thessaloniki where out of the 19,000 hectares that were declared as densely populated 85-90% are in areas that have never been forested. [see related pictures]

The second is the exclusion of all settlements from the process of suspension and hence of sanction. But here the problems begin, because in these excluded areas there are areas that are unapproved settlements, ie settlements that have never been examined the form of vegetation on which they were developed. Thirty example the wider area of SANI in Halkidiki and several settlements across Greece precursors 23.

These issues, as you understand with the above, constitute a bomb on the foundations of obtaining ratified forest maps and touch on key articles and values of our Constitution.
Their solution is difficult, complex and requires serious and in-depth study of the details and all aspects of the issues in the light of the fundamental principles of the protection of public wealth, the environment and good administration.

The state is in the hands of the state and even digitally has all the elements to study serious solutions and to prescribe legislative initiatives. But he needs to think more complexly and seriously. He can do it ??

I don't know if he can, but he has to do it for the good of us all. The sciences and new technologies both evaluate and propose solutions to complex and difficult problems today.