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The perfect wildfire prediction and decision making system for all

What is O-Fire

O-Fire helps all companies and individuals that do business or live in forest areas to protect their lives, their high value infrastructures and properties and the natural environment from the devastating consequences of a wildfire. It is a smart GIS based decision making application, which simplifies scientific knowledge and sophisticated technology in a fully customizable way for each one of the socioeconomic areas of interest and in a single analysis environment, aiming at the reduction of wildfire ignition hazard and wildfire spread through providing targeted preventing measures in addition to stakeholders’ education and training on fire forest management


Why You Will Love It

Simple, Powerful and useful decision making tool for everyone!

It’s the only one site-specific GIS based application, which doesn’t require any specialized scientific and technical knowledge or a pre-installed GIS software, and which provides you with information about the probability of a wildfire event, the exact measures you have to take in order to prevent it and educates you in wildfire risk management using only just a few buttons!


/ Site-specific decision support system based on the local weather data, topography and vegetation that automatically brings together all the necessary information in one single analysis environment without the need for any data input by you.”]

/ Easily accessible, visualized wildfire forecast data based on Fire Weather Index-FWI and fire Rate of Spread-ROF in addition to wildfire behavior simulation. This predictive information system links existing state of the art scientific models and indicators widely accepted by the scientific community worldwide.” class=””]

/Targeted preventing wildfire ignition measures, based on prompt, simple and comprehensible guidelines, according to the level of wildfire risk. Education and training tool for entrepreneurs, officials, employees, visitors of the specific socioeconomic high value infrastructure and property for wildfire management.” class=””]



OMIKRON S.A.’s professional experts do the job for you!



Who is it for

Tourist and Agro-tourist Companies

Hotel Companies


Summer Camps


Event venues

Management Bodies of Protected Areas

Management Bodies of Archeological Areas

Military Camps

Individuals with properties in forest areas

Insurance Companies

Agricultural Cooperatives

Local and other Governmental Authorities



Functional Features

Wildfire Danger Forecast on a daily basis, at micro-scale level, using the Fire Weather

Index-FWI for the specific socioeconomic area of interest.

Provision of fire Rate of Spread-ROF in surface and crown fuels level by estimating the flame length, based on fuel hazard assessment according to the vegetation of the specific socioeconomic area of interest

Provision of wildfire Prediction Behavior by simulating fire behavior and fire growth in order to compute fire effects for the specific socioeconomic area of interest based on spatial information on topography and fuels and on local weather data.

Weather observation data driven calculation of Fire Weather Index-FWI and of Rate of Spread-ROF

Meteorological data storage

Results presentation in visualized GIS based way, in charts, tables and related prints
SMS and E-mail notification about wildfire Danger Forecast

Accessible via a Mobile Application

Selection, provision and mapping of targeted and specialized protection measures for the reduction of wildfire ignition hazard based on the specific characteristics of each region

Provision of monitoring and over time data collection services on the protection measures applied by the user

Technical Features

Windows-based application
Cloud-based application
GIS interface
Open Source developed with DotSpatial
Synergy with all the known file standards (.shp, geotiff etc)
Comprehensive documentation
Online help

Technical Requirements

Required disk space of 100Mb
Required RAM of 512 Mb
Required a preinstalled weather station with automatic data logger in DBF which should be compatible with NEXUS TFA-351075


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