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Collaboration with Happy Days Camp for children


Friday, April 8, 2016

Signing up the collaboration between Omikron Environmental Consultants and HAPPY DAYS for the use of the Software as a service Ofire.

OMIKRON Environmental Consultants SA is pleased to announce its collaboration with HAPPY DAYS children's camp, who will be using during the summer period, the prevention and protection system Ofire for its facilities at Sithonia, Chalkidiki.

OMIKRON, with extensive experience in issues related to the Protection, Management and Promotion of the Natural and Anthropogenic Environment, is thus taking a new step in developing innovative ideas using new technologies.

The Ofire is an environmental live-time calculation of fire risk, proposing targeted prevention and protection measures. It allows continuous and spatial monitoring of the risk of fire starting and spreading as described in internationally recognized standards, while allowing the user to test hypothetical fire scenarios. All information collected and processed is visually user-friendly and user-friendly.

The services of Ofire include mapping the area of interest in order to adapt the software to local conditions, continually recording local meteorological data, as well as providing ready-made weather scenarios for the area to educate staff on risk management. of fires.

By using the Ofire HAPPY DAYS children's camps seek, in addition to the high quality services and original activities offered each year to their small campers, to raise the level of security of visitors and facilities even higher. their. For this reason, camp executives and staff will attend special training seminars on the prevention and protection of wildfires in combination with the use of software.

The collaboration of the two companies demonstrates in the most constructive way that new innovative technologies can bring the Environment and the People into balance, while opening new avenues for growth and improvement in Greek tourism.

Friday, April 8, 2016