Mr. Diamantopoulos's Opinion to “Ipaethrios Chora”on the Institution of Counseling: the most important measure to modernize Greek agriculture.

Opinion submitted by Omikron SA's main partner, Mr. Stergios Diamantopoulos, to the newspaper Ipaethrios Chora regarding the institution of Counseling and the delay in the procedure for the announcement of Measure 2 of Counseling. The whole statement below:

“I think something is happening, which happens quite often in this country. That is to say, when we have some kind of quality intervention, we are lagging behind, because obviously we want to absorb those resources into other easier things that have immediate political reciprocal benefit, and this is what I imagine happens once again.
There are still many open issues and many issues are still pending which will lead to an easy decision to say that the measure is not mature yet. One of them is the subject of the scientists' registry. These scientists by themselves alone cannot play a key role. They need to be integrated into some broader structures, more operational, more organized, in order to be able to effectively provide consulting services in a vast number of areas.

What is also important, in my opinion, is the activation of these structures on a country level, so that once they hold some specialization, they could provide it elsewhere. However, except for Measure 2, we should have already set up the National Advisory System, on which the relevant measure would have been based. In the age we live in, I think the use of new technologies is a prerequisite. The geotechnician who has a picture of the field can move it upward to other operators to take advantage of new technologies for the benefit of agricultural production. Also, beyond agriculture and livestock breeding, there is a need for consultancy, a piece that is completely missing. ”

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Source: Ipaethrios Chora Victoria Apostolopoulou