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New “Natura 2000” Area Mapping Contract with EKXA SA

OMIKRON SA undertook, following a request from tenders from the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency SA in collaboration with other companies, the implementation of the project entitled “Development of a large-scale infrastructure (1: 5000) spatial data of natura protected land areas «NATURA 2000» in 94 pSCI and 67 SPA areas in Greece (Study N1-01) ”.

The contract was signed on 01-04-2014 with the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency SA and the project duration is 20 months with a total budget of 900.000 €. The company is responsible for 50% of the project's implementation.

The purpose of the project is to precisely identify the external boundaries of the terrestrial areas of the NATURA 2000 network, namely Community Importance Areas (SCIs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and to update, describe and delineate terrestrial habitat types in the SCIs based on high precision (LSO) and 1: 5000 color orthographies of EKXA SA and field work.