Highly accurate solution for ultra-early detection and monitoring of wildfires

“Wildfire detection as effective as it can ever get”

Are you one of the following?

A land owner looking for ways to safeguard your property from wildfires.

Our integrated suite of solutions for risk mitigation includes early and accurate detection, daily fire indices, weather forecasts, local maps, simulation, alerts & messaging.

A fire tech professional looking for ways to standardize detection sensor placement.

Our groundbreaking approach accurately maps the wildfire hazard and strategically positions sensors for full protection at optimal cost.

Our vision is to establish a management and mitigation system that will help make wildfire-prone areas safe and prepared.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between new technologies and wildfire risk mitigation activities.

Our value lies in the ground-breaking combination of localised data and geospatial information, sophisticated management tools and accurate early detection/warning systems.

Our game changing approach aims in minimizing the time between ignition, incident detection and critical action.

This innovative approach will help you to:

  • Enhance resilience against wildfires
  • Save lives (Social well-being)
  • Protect ecosystems (Protection of the environment)
  • Minimize economic losses (Economy)
Apart from the early detection / warning capabilities, our integrated system of data and tools includes daily fire indices, weather forecasts, local maps, simulation, alerts, messaging etc and is delivered in 5 packages to meet every need:

Hazard mapping for optimal & cost-efficient sensor placement

Tailor-made services & consultancy for minimizing disastrous impacts

Early detection using:

Time from early detection to action:

Early detection accuracy:

Satellite Data

= 15 minutes


~60 %

Satellite Data & Ground Sensors

< 10 minutes


~80 %

Satellite Data, Ground Sensors & UAVs

< 5 minutes


~95 %

Why Choose Us?

precise sensor placement

robust coverage

minimum response time

Early detection systems are critical to minimising the catastrophic effects of wildfires. However, apart from general technical specifications, there is no horizontally verified way of positioning detection sensors. This keeps uncertainty and costs high for fire tech professionals, integrating early detection and warning systems.

Network of detection sensors

Using standard methodology

High installation costs


~45% reduction in installation costs

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